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Agriculture Farm Land and Way forward

"Growing our crops, we are printing our own money" agriculture-oriented nation INDIA. Farmers believe to be a labour of his land rather than a king. Being highly populated

Food is required every fraction of a second, to accomplish the food requirements of a densely populated country. Agriculture plays a vital role.

By god's grace and farmer's rest-less farming is helping to overcome our requirements as well we are contributing to the world food trade every year. The enormous economic sector of agriculture mainly does the social-economic fabrication of India.

India has evolved through the passage of the green revolution, the yellow revolution, the white revolution, as well as the blue revolution. Agricultural farming comprises the natural procedure of plantation. We could support through imperishable environment-friendly technologies for our rural sector upliftment.

Regionalization has developed various methodologies to build. Agroecological regional Maps for India to meet the country's needs of food, further and fibre. In India, a broad framework of climatic variations compliments cropping patterns. Since farming plays an immense role in the annual GDP hike, authorities of India are now getting more conscious of providing more policies, schemes, technology, and administration credits.

Mr Narendra Singh Modi said during a lockdown (COVID 19 outbreak) to make ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT.

In the last six years, we have had a stagnant growth rate in terms of agriculture, and it is a light sector that has a drastic impact on farmers' income. The annual growth rate during 2014 - 15 was 2.88% whereas data reports for 2019 - 20 are 2.9% which is remarkably showing we have stagnant growth.

A beneficiary of India-agricultural farming: Why the government entirely relying upon this industry and trying hard for it to flourish:
  • 1) India is developing as well as growing in number too; therefore, to meet the essential requirement of our people, we need extensive farming.
  • 2) The agriculture industry reproduces other businesses, also such as warehousing and needs storage centres.
  • 3) Our produce is one of the best in the world, so we need to export our seeds, fruits, oils, etc. and we are targeting a massive hike by 2022.
  • 4) Our lands, agricultural, climatic conditions of INDIA are remarkable as we all know.
We need land for housing since we are doubling in number, as well as need land for cultivation. Indian food and food industry have great clientele among all nations. We are the sixth-largest food and grocery sector of the world. Then how could the government leave it ignored, authorities are putting their best to uplift the agricultural business.

"When there is a will there's a way".

Now, this is the best time to begin your business and in lieu, receive the best outcomes.

Indian agriculture now requires resource-efficient methods such as dynamic cropping patterns, judicious use of chemical fertilizers, and efficient irrigation systems to boost up productivity. Regular and improper use of chemical fertilizers has led to the degradation of land soil too.

During the 2019 -20 crop year, green production of India hits the target of 295.67 million tons which is expected to cross the mark in successive years two 298 million tons.

We know through the news or other agencies that farmers have endless suffering from drought loans and ultimate rains. But nowadays, even small-scale farmers can generate more revenue from basic farming. They could earn good money in agriculture, and more employment opportunities will crop up.

You need not worry either you are a small investor, or a dedicated farmer government is right there to support in every manner which has been categorized as follows: · Machinery and tools: fertilizer, feed, equipment, etc. · Agricultural artefacts: raw and processed food · Credentials: loan services to begin the initiative

If we are beginning an agricultural business, we are creating several more employment opportunities as well:

  • 1) Fertilizers production
  • 2) Fertilizer distribution
  • 3) Organic farming opportunities
  • 4) Food Oil industry
  • 5) Mushroom farming
  • 6) Organic farming opportunities
  • 7) Grocery export
  • 8) Hydroponic stores generation
  • 9) Basket weaving
  • 10) Mills generation to produce flour

An agricultural farm with reasonable investment can produce tremendous results.

Primary consideration kept in mind while beginning the farming business. 1) Selection of locality where you will purchase the land and easy to commute. 2) Choose the crops you want to cultivate like rabi crops or Kharif crops. 3) Now is time to select the best-suited land for desired crops. Opt for the land which has all the characteristics required while agriculture such as nearby water resources, soil texture Etc. The ground should not be acidic nor alkaline; land should not be rocky; land should not perish its fertility after regular use of fertilizers. 4) Enough capital amount to begin farming either you are composing it of your own, or you can apply for an agricultural loan provided by the government. 5) Avail the tools and Machinery best suited to farms, survey the market for lowest prices to purchase gadgets 6) Last and excessively important is knowledge about farming and agriculture without understanding. We cannot survive for long somewhere or the other we would get stuck. It is better to survey and search the pros and cons before starting up a new venture.

After selecting the best land for farming, buying that land is another hurdle to cross. Buying land is a strict and high tax-paying mechanism nowadays. Buying agricultural land in India is much cheaper than buying a residential plot.

Buying land for agricultural farming is advantageous in India

  • 1) Resold revenue profit could be exempted from tax
  • 2) Initializing New business venture
  • 3) Source of good surplus income
  • 4) Perfect weekend escape destination.

But not that easy task because:

  • 1) Some states restrict the buyer from land ownership
  • 2) Not a good investment for NRI's
  • 3) Source of good surplus income
  • 4) Could be a right weekend destination but you cannot turn it into a residence.

Considerations kept in mind before planning acquisition:

  • 1) The buyer should be educated about all legal formalities. The land, which you are interested in buying should not be a combined property. Proper documentation should be done under the guidance of an attorney to confirm the actual transfer.
  • 2) Witnessed agreement of sale should be prepared to fix the total cost, time of assessment, and advance paid.
  • 3) Confirmation of registration of immovable assets.
  • 4) Make sure no outstanding adhered to the property either water bills, electricity bills any tax to be pending, etc.
  • 5) Tally the actual location of the land on the village map
  • 6) Adjudicate all the disputes regarding land boundaries before finalizing the deed.
  • 7) Make sure before buying, that the desired land does not belong to tribes.

Some of the states of India are lenient towards the purchase of land. In contrast, others have some restrictions. Factors determining the acquisition of lands:

  • · Agriculturist
  • · non-agriculturist

Family of farmers or agriculturists can easily buy land for farming; Traditional farmers must present the documents showing ownership of farming land but people with no farming background would have several issues buying land for agriculture. As per hierarchy, the son of an agriculturist can easily have the acquisition. He must approach the tehsildar.

An individual having an annual income of 25lakh only then is eligible for buying agricultural land in Bangalore.

Non-agriculturist applicants would have to approach deputy commissioners of the area. They have the power to grant the land to non-agriculturists, but you should have the ability to convince them. one should have all the documents ready, which would be of great help.

Under section 80 of the Land reforms act. The Deputy Commissioner holds power to grant permission to non-agriculturists to purchase land.

If a non-agriculturist applicant got a land issue, he must begin cultivation within a year, or the land would be captured back. Even no loan facilities will be provided to the same; One must spend some bits of their savings to get massive revenues.

Contact concerned real estate agents.

Real estate agents are the people employed in buying and selling land or immovable assets. They provide agricultural farming based value-added solutions to their clients. They keep a continuous track of markets. They also deal with various agricultural products like tools, Machinery.

They are the strong bridges between buyer and seller to cater to the best offers. They have an interconnected network with their rivals.

Why a buyer or seller consult a real estate agent?

  • They present prime location land to their clients
  • They analyze the market thoroughly by regular surveys and statistical data
  • They offer lands of all dimensions to their valuable clients.
  • Avail the tools and even technology to pursue farming.
  • When the deal is done, they help in clearing off the land
  • They decide for lease lands as well.

When the deal gets finalized, the brokerage cost is estimated in percentage. They charge a commission of a few % of the sale done. It could rise to 5% of the total cost.

If an individual has opted for a land loan, then no brokerage will be charged as per the rule.

The youth of the agriculturist family do not want to bring forth their ancestral business because the revenue return is meagre, they must strive hard for existence. They are forced to work on their land parcels. Instead, they prefer to be an engineer or want to join the army. Farmers are expressing their distress by suicidal attempts. Agriculturists suffer repeated losses. Their ready harvest gets destroyed due to unseasonal rains, droughts, floods, pest attack. All-natural calamities for which they can never fight. Big farmers gain all profits but small agriculturists are unable to feed their family even. The government is providing adequate support to farmers which proves fruitful to accomplished farmers.

To overcome this drawback pool farming or community farming will be the best aspect. Continue your passion and profession with the support of the community. Individuals belonging to a non-agriculturist family are now showing keen interests to begin agricultural farming as a new business venture. But they are facing few setbacks. Huge capital amount is the primary requirement to start the experience. To overcome the setback, community farming has begun. A trust or a community is established, comprising numerous people. Members of the city could be farmers and the investors who helped to buy a few acres of land.

Community farming does not require only investment; it has revenue profit as well. Profit would not be the sole authority of investors, would be subdivided into hard workers as well. A patch of few acres of barren land could be hired on the lease as well.

Community farming as a beneficiary

  • 1) Excellent practice for sustainable agriculture
  • 2) Communities can avail fresh, healthy, and organic food
  • 3) Revenue profit earned for sure and kept circulating among the community.
  • 4) Farmers involved in the community receive full support for sustainable agriculture
  • 5) Provides secure employment to the unemployed.
  • 6) Treated as a leisure time hub for all community members by developing weekend homes and swimming pools.
  • 7) Generate various linked business ventures like poultry farming, dairy production, etc.

Perfect initiative for real estate agencies too that they can earn excellent returns out of wastelands. The small parcel of land can be groomed for better livelihood. Great opportunity for women too who are evincing their keen interest as women farmers. We are offering great relaxation to bonded labourers to work freely and happily. The spread of this holistic approach would also trigger the start of urban farming technology. The beginning of new farming patterns will undoubtedly be advantageous. Adopt contemporary techniques of farming and continue our tradition for further generations. State governments are also ready to support pool policies for the upliftment of rural farmers. Some non-political associations are also cooperating with farmers to make their lives better.

We know the fact that a densely populated country India is one of the fastest developing countries among all. To fulfil the land requirement for its entire population. Citizens must make wise use of every bit of land. Use various new technologies to implement new methods of farming and development. begin with urban farming System. It helps dwelling cities as well as design excellent layouts for the food production system. It can provide enough food to a fixed community or locality.


Kiran kumar

Mr. Ramchandra Kiran Kumar, the founder of SmartAgro is a software engineer by profession but an environment-centric entrepreneur by choice. A critical thinker since his early days and having had experience in construction too, he always had been on the lookout for solutions to social, economic and environmental problems. Agro-realty for him, was the answer to generating profits for consumers, serving the timber demands of the nation and do all of this in a manner that benefits the environment.

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