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Intro To SmartAgro

SmartAgro is an agro-realty company, a Bangalore based agricultural realty business. We believe in the power of agriculture as a smart investment vehicle that delivers returns. This combined with our rich background in the timber trade led us to envision a future where we could develop lands for our investors, cultivate timber forests and generate positive cash flows for everyone. All this while maintaining ecological integrity, using environmentally friendly farming methods and adding to the green forest cover of the land. That’s SmartAgro for you- taking agro-realty to the next level.

Why Choose Us

  • Legally Compliant & Secure
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Eco-Friendly Projects

Agro-realty projects by SmartAgro have a strong environmental focus. One of the reasons for SmartAgro’s existence is that the founders have been extensivel environmentally conscious and always wanted to do something in this area. The growth of timber plantations is also a concerted afforestation measure. It adds to the green cover of the area, helps in regulating the climate in the said region and reduces carbon footprint. The environmental benefits are a plenty.

Additionally, we also use environmentally friendly farming methods which are technologically advanced. This results is maximised yield with minimum negative impact on the environment.

After all, only if we protect nature, does nature protect us.


Project Overview

TIMBER by SmartAgro is our first agro-realty project based in Hindupur, located in the Anantnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. An upcoming industrial belt which has fertile soil and is well connected by road, rail and air; Hindupur is just about an hour’s drive from Bengaluru.

TIMBER will cover 50 acres of land that would be purchased, developed, cultivated & harvested by us, for you. All you need to do is just sit back and reap the profits. Focusing on the Melia Dubia & Sandal Wood, the fastest growing timber species, TIMBER will bring in high returns upon maturity in 10th year and 15th year. Up until then, you will have a handsome yearly income from cash crops and bonus income from other sources. It’s time you to own your piece of agro-forest and let your investments grow into huge returns.


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