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Agro realty

Editor's desk | Nov 20, 2020 04:19 PM IST

The farming practices in today’s era are changing. So is the setup adopting the practice! Owning consolidated land holdings by an individual and reaping the profits is a bygone concept. Today not only farming practice such as organic farming, natural farming is making its way, the way the farming is managed is also taking a good turn.

Agro Realty is one such example today giving a new look to the concept of farming. The concept not only serves the basic purpose of farming but also provides as a getaway place within and close to city limits.

What is Agro realty?

Agro realty refers to huge holding of agricultural land used for the purposes of farming and development of weekend homes. Individuals or a group of people band together and buy huge chunks of farming lands. This land is further divided into small plots that can be easily made available to a number of investors. These investors invest in their chunk of plot and enjoy the profits on such properties with minimal effort investment.

The company or individual holding the land continue with their regular farming and develop the landscape to combine the efforts of farming and the leisure of a home away from home.

Why Agro realty?

Today where the world is struggling with climatic changes and food scarcity, concepts such as agro realty come as an easy solution. Cities that are concrete jungles today with nothing but an eye soar that continue to add to the plight of rising pollution levels, such a setup is a step towards change.

Availability of the best techniques makes farming practices a cake walk and regular fresh food supply can be achieved.

How Agro Realty makes the Difference!

Conventional farming poses a lot of problems. The lack of technologies adds further to the long list of existing shortcomings.

  • Outdated Practices : Farmers today continue to follow the old techniques of farming in the rural areas. The results being low yield and poor quality.

    Agro Realty welcomes the freshness of adopting different farming techniques leaving behind the traditional style of farming. Organic farming practices such as Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Vertical farming is given more importance. The adoption of the scientific methods of farming enables increase in yield and providing highly nutritious food.

  • Irrigation facilities : In rural areas, the farmers depend on rainfall or traditional irrigation facilities to provide water to the crop. This leaves them dependant generally leading to crop destruction.

    Agro Realty breaks the practices of dependence of water from rivers or rainfall. Water reservoirs are created and practices such as water harvesting are implemented to insure minimum water wastage and maximum utility. Provision of water through mist sprays, drip irrigation and such other modern day technologies help efficient water management.

  • Low quality produce and quality standards : following the traditional methods of farming generally results in compromising food quality. Use of fertilizer's, insecticides or genetically modified seeds impairs the food quality and at times leads to crop destruction.

    Agro Realty aims at improving the shortcoming. With a constant need to yield high profit for investors, alternate and diverse forms of techniques are practices to ensure abundant yield. People now being conscious about food intake, the agro realty setup ensures food product to be highly nutritious.

  • Lack of Logistic Support : due to the presence of agricultural land in rural areas, a proper means of transportation of the produce is mostly inadequate.

    Presence of the agro realty setup within and around city limits help to overcome this obstacle. Proper logistic channels fitted with required amenities are made available for transportation of food produce. As the distance to be travelled is less for the produce, the product received at the final destination remains fresh. This reduces the rate of crop destruction and retains the monetary value of the crop with minimum loss to the seller.

  • Non-existence of storing facilities : small farmers in the rural areas till date are dependent on the government for providing basic storage facilities for crop or cold storage facilities for fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits.

    Agro realty is a form of integrated agriculture business. It incorporates all the essential needs for carrying out the smooth process of growing, storing, marketing and final selling of the crop. This results in reducing the problem of food scarcity and ensuring food security to the needy parts of the country.

Agro Realty is cooperative farming. With easy availability of the modern techniques and the experts to support, the final produce made available is of the best quality.

Agro Realty in India

The concept Agro Realty is on a rise in India. Individuals or a group of people wanting to practice agriculture are coming forward to explore the arena.

Agriculture income being non-taxable and a beneficial CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, individual or corporates invest in decent size chunk of land to carry out the project.

Besides using the land for farming practices, the landscape is modified to build residential quarters fitted with modern amenities. These residential spaces serve the purpose of holiday homes. People who wish to spend quality time away from the city hustle bustle in some quite amidst nature.

These attractive benefits invite potential investors to understand the unique working concept in detail and invest accordingly. People investing in such venture not only enjoy the fruits of high yield but also enjoy staycations at such projects. They get a chance to contribute and understand the farming techniques while enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature.

In India, many corporates have surfaced focusing on these projects within and around city limits. With aim of providing fresh and nutritious food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, these projects are focused on production in harmony with the eco-biodiversity. The additional advantages of the projects are:

  • Lower Prices of Land : One of major benefits in agro realty projects is the investor getting the furnished plot at very low prices. As each project has many interested investors, the actual cost of acquiring the land reduces. With low investment needed to acquire the piece of land, the investor can acquire the land by choice of location and size.

  • Return on Investment : Agro Realty projects focuses on diverse farming techniques to maximise the returns. Measures are taken to maximise the profits and reduce the input costs. This insures higher profits with minimum risks. The return on investment in the projects is more secured and promised than other means of investment such as investment in stock markets, mutual funds etc.

  • Community Living : Agro Realty projects perfectly balance human living conditions in harmony with nature. With projects spread over a large area of land, the basic necessities such as water supply, electricity, road constructions for a community living are made available. The cost being distributed over a large number of investors, marketing and maintenance costs reduce easing possible increase in the community living.

  • Weekend Home : The main attraction of investors to the concept is easy availability of vacation homes in close proximity and low prices. The agro realty projects not only focus on farming techniques but also enhancing the landscape beauty. This development opens the arena of developing such places as weekend homes or vacation homes. The thought of spending time amidst nature, free from city hustle bustle and close to home attracts more investors to enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Agro Realty

Savvy Investors have come around with yet another investment means. Something, that is following the new trend and in line with increasing concerns at different levels. The concept opens up a lot of possibilities and paints a whole new outlook.

The concept of agro realty projects aim at developing homes for people while, simultaneously developing agricultural lands. A mix of the two aspects enables striking a balance within and around city limits. A piece of land can be developed both as residential and agricultural property. This enables development without harming nature.

Developing in harmony with nature helps in stabilising many challenges being posed today. The creating of agricultural lands within city limits help in bringing down air pollution levels. With more plants, the carbon dioxide levels in the air come down. This helps in bringing down pollution levels, thereby bringing down the rising heat levels. The cool in the air, provided by plants, help in tackling the problem of climate change head on. Green patches at different locations help speedy the process.

With more plain grounds being made available with no construction on them, opens the doors to beneficial processes like water harvesting. With more empty grounds being available, the problem of water collection or over-running drains reduces during rains. The grounds being more in their natural self, have higher capacity of absorbing water. This in return enables enriching the ground water levels. The water can be easily recycled for multiple uses maximising water management, a consistently rising problem.

The agricultural practices in such projects focus on methods of organic and natural farming. These practices work on principles of harmonising with nature. The techniques used focus more on their compatibility with nature, rather than achieving high yields by adopting artificial means. This helps in achieving aims such as minimising pollution effects to soil, water and air. As no synthetic agents are used for farming, the quality of soil and ground water is maintained. No use of machines for farming reduces the release of green-house gases emanating from use of fossil fuels.

Adopting different agricultural practices opens doors for experimentation. With the realty projects aiming to harmonise with nature, it gives the experts more chances to experiment with these practices to achieve the goal. Changes or new modification are worked on to make these projects more successful and viable while keeping in check the carbon footprint.

Besides contributions to the nature, the presence of these projects within and around city limits also benefit people. The concept is conceived in areas focusing on development. Residential houses are also made on these lands to provide benefits such as community living, holiday homes, staycation etc. Having these developments within reach, enable the people to get away from the city hustle bustle amidst quite of nature without much effort and expense.

With the main aim of achieving quality food produce, the farmlands in such projects are able to provide a constant supply of fresh fruits, vegetables etc. As the projects are developed keeping in mind the city limits, the food supply from such farmlands is fresh and constant keeping in check increasing food shortage in cities due to migration pressure. Quality and fresh food can be made available in less time. With a source to supply of fresh food in vicinity, the cost considerably reduces and so does the levels of air pollution (caused by frequent transportation of food items from source to its final destination).


Though Agro Realty projects might give an impression as a work of money minded investors, the underlying benefits are huge. It not only helps in achieving a balanced natural cycle but also help in moving towards a balanced economic cycle.

The project are not only suitable as an investment for higher returns, they also aim to provide possible solutions to many increasing problems in question. Keeping in mind the need of nature and the people, the concept is designed to benefit both.

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